Beady Dine is Carla French

Name: Carla M Chesney

(Known professionally as Carla French)

Hometown: Grosse Pointe Park, MI

Married to:  Paul M Chesney


College: Bachelor of Fine Arts-photography, College For Creative Studies, Detroit MI


Hobbies: Photography, riding bicycle with persian cat "Kiwi" in a basket, listening to records with hubby, drinking quality coffe and parenting a new baby daughter, little Ruby Dee-lite.


Music: Motown, Man or Astroman?, 90's alt & grunge, 50's & 60's, some 80's pop


Movies: Halloween 1 & 2, Mrs. Doubtfire


Dance Moves: Roger Rabbit


Sports: Badminton


T.V. Shows: Project Runway, Hair Battle Spectacular, Cold Case Files


Favorite Cookie: Who Nu? Nutritional Cookies


Can Easily Defeat Anyone At: Connect Four

Carla inspired the Beady Dine character by first appearing in Bonus Club (2002) as the shopper who's laundry detergent triggered a flashback of when she was a girl (played by Jane Warunek).  During the making of the unfinished "Project 9: Chronicals of a girl genius" (2003) starring Jane Warunek as the girl genius, filmmaker Paul Chesney wrote a part for Carla to play Jane's Great Grandmother Beady Dine- the name invented by Carla herself. 




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Carla, a talented photographer who's work has been featured in various Detroit publications, has a website featuring her photography, hand-made jewelry and much more. Visit